Flare Pilots (Flare Ignition Systems)

AFG Combustion’s flare pilots are suitable for use on all types of Elevated Flare Tips, Ground flares and Burn Pits, in the worst weather conditions which may exist off-shore or on-shore, from sub-zero ambient conditions of Antarctica to the sand/wind storms of Middle East and Africa.

The pilots have very wide application ranging from standard LPG or natural gas to low BTU gases like bio gas or coke oven gas & also for gases with high hydrogen content. The pilot nozzle is basically a pilot stabilized tunnel burner designed for a high inspiration rate, normally 80% to 85% primary air.


  • Energy efficient, stable & reliable performance.
  • Reliable ignition in all weather condition
  • Heat resisting nozzle casting
  • Flame retention in all weather condition
  • Thermocouple housing facility supplied
  • Suitable for ignition of natural draught, forced draught, semi-forced draught, manual / automatic ignition systems.

Mode of Operation

The AFG Combustion’s Flare Pilots are the inspiriting type of varying length, depending on the application. On elevated Flare Tips, the pilot is generally 2.7 meters long, whereas on Burn Pits the length could be 30 meters or more.

The pilot nozzles have built-in flame retention and include a shield to ensure a stable flame and enable positive re-ignition in high winds. Ignition of the pilot is via a flame front generated at a remote panel and fed to the pilot nozzle via a 1 in. igniter tube. (The pilot gas is supplied via a ½ in. inlet to the venture with an air adjuster). The air is pre-mixed with gas in a 2 in. gas tube and is ignited at the nozzle by the flame front.

Flame Indication

For flame indication, or flame failure, a heat resisting clad thermocouples is fitted internally in the nozzle and the gas mixture tube where it is protected from the main flame and cooled by the flow of gas passing over the thermocouple.