Demountable Flares

The Demountable Flare System features a derrick structure with the one or multiple flare risers, mounted in such a way as to permit the lowering of the flare burner to grade for service without the need for an expensive heavy-duty crane. Further the flare burner is lowered to grade without the need of any personnel to climb to the top of the stack. Flare Systems with multiple risers allows for service/replacement on any flare burners, while other Flares operations remain uninterrupted. This means flare maintenance can be performed safely without shutting the flaring. Therefore NO shutdown on upstream operating facility due to shortcoming on one flare. Flare is available permanently, NO process/production outage saving significant time and money.

Key Advantages:

  • Multiple risers allow flare tip to be lowered to grade - while the flare system and plant remain in operation.
  • Multiple risers allow for smaller ground space.
  • Extra space on derrick can be planned for accommodating additional risers for future expansion.
  • Avoid unnecessary downtime with accessibility at hand.
  • No loss of production due to maintenance downtime.

Designed around accessibility, AFG Combustion's Demountable Flare System can easily accommodate ALL your flaring needs. Our demountable flaring system can utilize one flare stack riser as a spare by easily bypassing the flare gas inlet stream when the primary flare stack is out of service. By incorporating multiple flare stack risers to a single structure, the overall space required for a large capacity flare , integrated refinery/chemical plant/production facility is reduced by the system’s capacity to support the flaring needs for many different process units. Maintenance equipment such as cranes are no longer required since the demountable flare system allows each flare tip to be lowered to grade for necessary inspections and completely eliminates any requirement to shut down your facility for flare maintenance.

Demountable Flare comprises of derrick-type support structure for multiple flare risers. All the risers are sectioned & provided with flanged end plus all the utility lines, thermocouple cables etc. are dressed up on each riser section. Also, each riser section has its own junction box to allow for easy accessibility to all electrical and instrumental wiring. The self-contained winch systems are used in conjunction with ropes, sheaves, and pulleys for mounting/demounting the risers. Major platforms are included in the derrick structure to facilitate easy access for mounting & demounting operation.

AFG Combustion's demountable flare concept can be applied to any type of flare including simple utility flare tips, steam assisted flare tips, gas assisted flare tips, sonic flare tips, and even blower air assisted flare tips. Our systems can be designed to exceed over 200 meters (650 ft) in overall height and accommodate multiple flare stack riser of any diameter.

Our demountable type multiple flares with staged operating philosophy are in operation in many refineries & have proven performance track record with client reaping the maximum benefits.

AFG Combustion provides optimum solution for any complex flare requirement with best flaring technology. Why look anywhere else?  Choose to work with our dedicated, flexible, and innovative team, and you won’t be  disappointed.

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