Branding Change Announcement

“Change is not pleasant, but change is constant. Only when we change and grow, we’ll see a world we never know.”

from Wisdom of The Orange Woodpecker

Change is indeed constant. Even leaders change. Even leaders grow.

For close to 4 decades Airoil Flaregas Private Limited has been the leading Flare Systems provider in India and we are excited to announce a change of our product branding to AFG Combustion

With the acquisition of the UK Limited Company, Greens Combustion in 2015 our portfolio of products and services are now much better placed to offer a greater range of combustion solutions across the globe.

Our Group’s product offering currently extends across many types of flare systems, low NOx burners and thermal oxidisers as well as turnkey packages comprising of design studies through to installation and commissioning.

With our brands aligned, a comprehensive proven product range and great depth of engineering expertise, AFG Combustion along with Greens Combustion, together are ready to embrace the challenges and needs of the oil and gas industry internationally.

While our branding has changed, our relentless commitment to meet and exceed your expectations remains intact, just as our passion to offer the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your combustion needs.

We would like to clarify that whilst we are adopting a new image, the name of the company will remain unchanged “Airoil Flaregas Pvt. Ltd.”